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AL-MUHANDIS JOURNAL (JMISE) is a seasonal scientific publication releases by the Iraqi Society of Engineers (ISE) as a hard copy as well as online. The journal has established for the first time in 1956.


ISSN: 2413-0230

Copyright © 2018 by Iraqi Society of Engineers (ISE)

Office Address: Iraq, Baghdad, Al-Nidhal Q., 103-30-5

P.O. Box: 18429

Mob: (+964) 7702526721 / (+964) 7901151092 / (+964) 7901803967

Online: www.jmise.ise-iq.org

E-mail: jmise@ise-iq.org


Subscription: $600 per year



Iraqi Society of Engineers

Iraqi Society of Engineers (ISE) has founded in 1938 by a group of leading Iraqi engineers. ISE has been assigned 36 administration commissions since its formation up to date. The number of members has been grown up from several members during its declaration about 4,000 members recently. ISE has several committees and boards to operate scientific, engineering and cultural activities continuously in order to support Iraqi engineers by the required expertise and skills. ISE has a number of activities aimed to satisfy their goals by:

  1. Establishment of scientific conferences, symposia and events.
  2. Establishment continuous education courses and workshops.
  3. Organizing scientific publications, lectures and platforms.

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