Al-Muhandis Journal is the first scientific engineering Journal in Iraq and one of the first Journals published in the Arab world. The first edition of the Journal was published in 1956 and contained six researches. Since its publication, the Journal has published engineering researches without interruption or influenced by the circumstances that passed through our beloved Iraq. Many state departments and engineering colleges are also involved in the Journal and are considered one of the important engineering sources in libraries. The number of published researches has shown a significant development since the date of issuance. The number of researches published in 1965 reached seven, and jumped to 22 in the years that followed. It dropped to less than twenty researches per year between 1982 and 1988 because of the cancellation of scientific associations and linking them to the governmental unions. In 2016, the Journal was re-published after 2003 circumstances under the ISSN (0230-2413). All researches published in Al-Muhandis Journal are accredited for the purposes of academic promotions.

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